Fully Managed Vending

Nu Vending provides a fully managed service so that the only time you touch the machine is when you are hungry or thirsty!

We know the frustrations experienced when a machine isn’t working and so by having a fully managed service you can be sure that the machine is always clean, full and ready for action!

Our team members will attend your workplace to fill and clean your machine(s), ensuring optimal performance from your equipment. They will visit the equipment ranging from once a week to every day; depending on the number of visits required to keep the machines fresh and stocked up! They have been trained by the manufacturers themselves and take pride in ensuring you have a machine fit for purpose every single day!

Your allocated machine operator will be experienced and very well trained by the manufacturers of the equipment they look after.

Your machine operator will be responsible for:

  • Cleaning the equipment and replenishing stock according to Nu Vending’s rigorous filling and cleaning schedule
  • Checking the drink quality and engaging with your employees to ensure high satisfaction levels
  • Carrying out a range of preventative maintenance checks to maintain a high level of reliability
  • Keeping accurate records of machine performance for quarterly customer reviews