You might have noticed that we recently unveiled a new service product here at Nu Vending: Nu InStore micro markets. With so much to be excited about, we wanted to give you some more details on what micro markets are, how your business can benefit and how they work.

What are micro markets?

micro market

The term “micro market” refers to a small, store-like set up within an office or public space which does not contain any employees to serve or maintain it. With shelving, fridges and freestanding storage, the goods are available to be picked up and scanned at a self service machine.

All this requires the location of the micro market to be secure, operating on an honour-based scheme for the most part. Technology plays a large part in this process, allowing for vendors to know how much stock is required on a refill visit. You can choose to have a micro market to replace existing vending machines or to supplement them.

What are the benefits of a micro markets?

benefits of micro markets

With a micro market installed in your office, as opposed to traditional vending machines, there are so many ways in which you and your employees can benefit.

Greater variety – There is more choice with a micro market, from drinks to meals and snacks, your staff will have more to choose from right there in the office.

Boosted productivity – As a direct result of the above benefit, you should see a marked improvement in the happiness of your staff. In turn, productivity should increase, with people more inclined to work hard for an employer who is seen to care about them. View it as an investment in your people as much as your office.

Customisable – When creating a micro market, it can be made to suit any office environment. You can turn an unused corner of the office into an oasis of refreshments for staff to purchase, or simply replace any dated or damaged kitchen areas. Big or small, it’s up to you how many products you wish to have stocked.

Healthier choices – Because you can provide more choice, you can offer healthy options for snacks and lunches, instead of only stocking popular, unhealthy items. Now staff can maintain a healthy lifestyle when at work or choose when to treat themselves.

How do micro markets work?

how micro markets work

Depending on who supplies your micro market, the system may differ. Essentially, there will be a self-service area where your employees can scan the goods they’re buying, allowing for a service representative to know which items will need to be refilled. This can also be done via the use of cameras and high-tech equipment which registers the weight of items, reordering stock based on the weight of what is on the shelves.

Using smartphone technology, Nu InStore allows your employees to pay for snacks, drinks and more with their phone, making loose change a thing of the past. Simply scan your items, tap your phone to the reader and you’re on your way!

Looking for ways to improve staff productivity? Or you want to replace your old vending contract with something more advanced? If so, contact us at Nu Vending today – we’ll be happy to talk to you about Nu InStore and how a micro market can be developed for your office space.