Vending machines can be found just about anywhere: at your local swimming baths, train stations, on the streets, in the office, and that’s just within the UK. There’s an abundance of vending machines across the world, some with your typical refreshments and others, well, downright strange. For mind blowing vending knowledge, read on. 




  • The very first vending machine –  a quick bit of history to really quench your thirst for knowledge. The first vending machine was around in the 1st Century CE, it dispensed holy water in exchange for coins. 
  • Underwear vending machineyes, that’s right, an underwear machine! Calvin Klein to be exact. Perhaps you’ve been to the gym and forgotten your underwear, or you’ve been splashed by a car on a particularly wet day… Whatever your ‘excuse’ for buying underwear from a vending machine, Calvin’s got your back… and front.
  • Egg vending machineswith 1 machine for every 23 people in Japan, there’s no wonder you can find yourself an egg vending machine. This machine isn’t a typical one that releases your chosen product – that would be far too free-range – it consists of compartments which you can open, once you have paid. 
  • Caviar vending machineswant the fine dining restaurant experience on the go in L.A.? Ranging from $12-$500 per ounce – this delicacy can make for a quick snack or a pricey gift for that sorry it’s late birthday present.  
  • Lego vending machinesbuilding their way into the German vending machine market – Lego on the go. Ideal for long journeys to keep the kids entertained. 
  • Stray dog and cat feeder vending machinesfound in Istanbul and Turkey, where stray dogs and cats are rife. These genuinely life-saving vending machines accept empty plastic bottles and in return, dispense tasty pet food for homeless furry friends.
  • Used book vending machineCanada are enticing local bookworms to share their favourites that are now gathering up dust at home. This machine allows you to deposit your old ones in exchange for a new, interesting read. 
  • Live crab vending machinea luxury in China and Japan between August and October, when you can purchase a dormant crab for $2.27. It is accompanied with vinegar and ginger tea. 
  • Mashed potato vending machineis dispensed like orange juice, tastes like mash – go figure! 
  •  Burrito Box vending machineIn West Hollywood, California you can go to the vending machine, like you would a McDonald self service screen and place your order. Only thing that’s different is that the machine will then produce your order in an instant.


Well there you have it – some of the world’s strangest vending machines. If you’ve been thinking that your workplace could do with a vending machine full of interesting refreshments and snacks – why not call on Nu Vending. We don’t quite offer dog or cat food for strays or mashed potato but we’re sure we’ve got something for everyone. Contact us online or call today for more information – we’re happy to help.