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Relocation & Refurbishment

Do you wish there was someone out there who could help your move run smoothly? Well there is and we can!

Relocation & Refurbishment

You will have a lot of things to think and worry about in planning your move but coffee and vending does not need to be one of them.

In planning a relocation or refurbishment, you are playing a central role in delivering a workspace that helps to inspire your employees to feel as engaged as possible at work.

Like most vending companies we provide coffee, water and snacks, however we specialise in planning and delivering refreshment relocation programmes for our clients and help them overcome the typical challenges. We recognise that the amount of time that you will invest in a successful relocation project is at a premium and often not fully appreciated by those who benefit the most!

Company relocation is an ideal time to assess your needs and we specialise in assisting companies with their relocations to ensure they achieve a food and drink solution that adds value to their business outcomes and ensures optimum performance from your workforce.

Get in touch now so we can help you achieve success as your relocation partner.