Snack & Confectionery Vending Machines

While we all understand the need to eat healthily by watching the calories and not consuming too much sugar and salt, there are times when only something like a fizzy drink, a bar of chocolate or a bag of crisps will do to help you through the working day!

At Nu Vending, we have a wide selection of modern snack vending machines available that will provide all the tasty treats that you, your staff and your customers crave. Of course, you can still make room for the odd healthy snack, such as low calorie drinks and granola or protein bars.

However, there’s no escaping the fact that when many people are looking for something to help them get through to their next meal, it’s something far less worthy that they need! And it has been shown that the occasional naughty treat can help boost our general feeling of wellbeing.

Our snack vending solutions offer everything modern businesses need to keep their staff or customers happy with the snacks they love, while in return we offer you superb value for money and exceptional service levels.

Range of Snack Machines Available

Here at Nu Vending, our fantastic range of snack vending machines includes the latest models from some of the leading manufacturers in the industry. That means you get to choose from options like:

  • The Festival Food Machine – with advanced temperature control to allow fresh food, such as baguettes, plates of food and yoghurt, alongside more traditional snack machine choices
  • The Melodia Snack Machine – with space for up to 36 different snacks and drinks, and using touch-sensitive operation and contactless payment, all controlled by an A++ energy management system
  • The Jazz Snack Machine – a compact machine that still finds space to hold up to 300 products
  • The Tango Snack Machine – a large vending machine that offers extensive capacity, convenient flexibility and superb value for money

Snack & Confectionery Machines in London

Don’t settle for second best when choosing snack machines for your premises. At Nu Vending, we supply only the best in modern confectionery machines to businesses in and around London. Our vending machines feature all the latest technology for faster, more hygienic and more efficient operation, from contactless payment and touchscreen ordering to smart refrigeration and low energy performance.

With fast delivery and installation, regular restocking and ongoing maintenance all available, you can also let us get on with the business of looking after the day-to-day management of your machine and its contents, so that you can get on with the essential task of running your business.

Get in touch with the team at Nu Vending now to find out more or to place your order.