Jura Coffee Machines

Now available for rapid delivery and installation from Nu Vending, Jura coffee machines are premium range coffee machines specially designed to sit on tabletops, making them the ideal choice for businesses without the space for larger, freestanding alternatives. That doesn’t mean that there’s any compromise on convenience or quality, though.

Ideally suited to the office environment, they offer fast and easy access to a wider selection of top quality coffees than you’re likely to find in the average workplace. Treat your staff to one of these exceptional Jura coffee machines, and you’ll be giving them a great perk they’ll value as part of their day at work.

When you get a Jura coffee machine installed at your office in and around London, you’re giving your staff and visitors access to this great range of features and benefits:

  • Professional quality coffee
  • Wide choice of tasty drinks
  • Permanent water connection
  • Space saving solution
  • Ideal for medium to large offices
  • Great perk for your staff

Jura Coffee Machines for Offices & Commercial

Here at Nu Vending, we have two great Jura commercial coffee machines available for your London office or workplace. Each machine comes packed with a wide range of exciting features designed to produce perfect coffees for your staff and visitors, whatever their individual tastes and preferences.

  • Jura Giga X3c Professional – ideal for medium to large offices, with 43 individually programmable speciality coffees
  • Jura Giga X8 – catering quality machine with unique speed function 

When you get a Jura coffee machine for office environments, you’re giving your team quality coffee all day without the need to wait for boiling kettles. Not only are they fast and convenient, they’re also extremely intuitive and easy to use. And when the time comes to get your Jura machine ready for the next day at work, it’s also quick and easy to get them clean and replenished with fresh coffee beans.

Jura Commercial Coffee Machines in London and beyond

At Nu Vending, we’re dedicated to bringing the very best and widest selection of premium coffee to offices, factories and workplaces in and around London with Jura commercial coffee machines. That’s why we only offer top-quality coffee machines that will give your staff the same coffee drinking experience as they can expect at their favourite local speciality coffee shop.

With our Jura commercial coffee machines, you can also count on fast delivery and installation always being available, so that you and your team won’t have to wait to enjoy great coffee. And once your machine is in and working, you can also take advantage of our fantastic ongoing customer support and after-sales services. 

Contact our friendly team today to find out more or to get a competitive quote for Jura coffee machines for your office.