Fully managed Vending Services

It’s never been easier to cater for all the refreshment needs of your staff, visitors and customers. At Nu Vending, we offer unified vending services so that you never have to worry about who is taking care of your machines or juggle multiple invoices.

From fresh fruit and breakfast items for offices, to vending machines for schools and universities, we can take care of all your requirements and tailor the service to suit you.

  • Dedicated Nu representatives
  • Regular maintenance & restocking
  • One monthly invoice for all services 

You’ll never need to look anywhere else for vending housing, servicing and maintenance. Our comprehensive range of vending services makes your premises the place to go for the best refreshment options.

Take a look at the services we offer, but don’t be afraid to get in touch and speak to our friendly team about the individual requirements you have – we are always happy to tailor what we do into a package that best suits you!

Vending Machine Servicing 

To keep your vending machine in working order, it is important to keep it regularly serviced. Having to organise servicing for your vending machine can be a pain, but when you purchase a machine from Nu Vending the servicing takes care of itself.

We offer a comprehensive package with our highly skilled team providing regular on-site servicing. From the moment we begin working with you we’ll put your satisfaction at the forefront of our mind, and on a quarterly basis carry out servicing and maintenance checks which will replace any old parts and update the machine to keep it up-to-date.   

All our vending machines incorporate the latest technology and our regular servicing will also ensure that your machine has the latest software upgrades in place.   

Vending Machine Cleaning

Maintaining any appliance can be time-consuming and laborious. Cleaning your vending machine is one such task and something that Nu Vending are on hand to help with. 

We’ll visit your premises on a regular basis, keeping your machine in the very best condition. Curating a cleaning schedule around you, we offer a flexible service that can be in and out in a flash providing minimal disruption to your workplace.

As well as keeping your vending machine in the very best condition, at Nu Vending we also offer coffee machine cleaning so you can rest assured that every cup you brew is perfect. Our team of experts use specialist cleaning fluids and flushing systems to ensure that no stale coffee beans or old milk can spoil your coffee.    

  Our complete range of vending machine cleaning services include:

  • Blocked pipes
  • Drip trays
  • Internal canisters 
  • Housing cleaning
  • Regular deep cleaning 

Vending Machine Stocking 

Vending machines have proven to be a big hit in workplaces across the country with links to greater employee satisfaction and productivity. If you have a vending machine in place, it is likely to be popular among your workforce – meaning it’ll require regular vending machine stocking.  

Whether you’re wanting to stock traditional crisps, chocolate and sweets, or more healthy options such as nuts, water, fruit or even popcorn – we can cater our restocking services to your needs. 

As well as tailoring our restocking to your business, we’ll provide you with dedicated software where you can log all your restocking requests. Then, we’ll ensure everything is changed and restocked within a week and offer a three-day turnaround for those all-important coffee beans. 

To find out more about the range of services we offer here at Nu Vending, contact our friendly and helpful team today.