Vending Solutions Bedford

Bring a new world of vending machine technology to your workplace or organisation in the Bedford area. Our vending solutions mean you get access to machines that can provide tastier snacks, healthier drinks, better coffee and the very best in water dispensers.

We’re applying the latest technology to our vending machines so that they’re faster, safer and easier to use, as well as giving your staff and visitors healthier and fresher snacks and drinks. 

With everything from touchscreen operation and contactless payment to remote ordering and payment via a mobile phone app, our vending machines offer all the convenience you could want from workplace vending and more. Meanwhile, our intelligent chilled cabinets keep fresh food fresh for longer, opening up a wider world of opportunity of what you can make available.

When you order your new vending machine, you’ll never have to wait, because our well-stocked warehouse means that rapid delivery and installation are always available. And with extra options such as ongoing maintenance and regular restocking designed to make managing your vending machine requirements even easier, there’s no reason not to improve your provision of snacks and drinks with Nu Vending. 

Vending Machines

If you want to offer your staff and visitors better options than the traditional chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks, you can’t do better than choose vending machines from Nu Vending. Our modern chilled cabinets keep tastier food fresh for longer, making options such as sandwiches, fruit and yoghurts available all day.

Meanwhile, remote and touchscreen ordering and contactless payment mean your staff will be able to spend less of their break time queueing and more resting, meaning they’ll not only be better fed, they’ll also be better prepared for the rest of the day.

Coffee Machines

Don’t settle for offering your staff and visitors bland and tasteless hot drinks in your works canteen. Our new coffee machines mean that you can supply as wide a range as you’d expect to find in your favourite local cafe. With everything from cappuccinos and espressos to lattes and americanos, not to mention breakfast, fruit and green teas, anything is possible in a Nu Vending coffee machine.

Water Dispensers

Giving staff the chance to stay hydrated during the working day is great for their health and wellbeing, as well as helping them work more effectively. Our modern water dispensers have been designed to make access to fresh water easy and convenient, with options available for all tastes and preferences.

You can get fresh chilled water, sparkling water or even boiling water for personalised hot drinks, all from the same dispenser – sometimes even all from the same tap. That means more choice without taking up more space.


Nu Vending is a vending machine company that is bringing modern and convenient vending to workplaces and organisations right across Bedford and the surrounding areas. To find out more, why not get in contact with our friendly team today?