FAQ / Help & Advice

We’re often asked questions about our services and capabilities, so we’ve included a few common questions to help you on your way below. If you don’t see the question in the list, please feel free to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

Do you supply to schools?

Yes, we supply to any location where there are people who are hungry and thirsty!

Can we have a choice of coffee beans in our machines?

Yes, we stock a range of beans so you can choose which one you want!

How much space do we need?

This really depends on the type of equipment you would like. Please view our machine brochures and you will find their dimensions. This will give you an idea!

What services do we need to have available for when machines are installed?

Power and water (15mm stop-cock) for hot drinks machines and water equipment. Just power for everything else!

How long does it take from order to installation?

We normally say 3-4 weeks, but with certain equipment we can beat that!

Do you supply the whole of the UK?

Yes, we supply everywhere across the UK and Ireland

Do you offer healthy products?

Yes, we provide a wide range. We call them ‘vends with benefits!’

What products do you put in the machines?

We generally provide the most popular best-selling products in all the machines

Do you provide capsule machines?

We provide one of the best capsule machines on the market; the Franke Capsule Machine

Do you provide fresh milk coffee machines?

Yes, we provide a wide range of high quality fresh milk coffee machines

Do you provide bean to cup coffee machines?

Yes, the majority of our coffee machines have fresh beans.

Do you offer technical maintenance on the vending machines?

Yes, we provide full technical maintenance packages for our customers

Can we look after our own machines

Yes, you can fill and clean the machines in-house

Do you provide machine filling and cleaning services?

Absolutely. We will fill, clean and do cash reconciliation as and when required.

What finance options are available?

We provide flexible lease finance options as well as outright purchase