WMF Coffee Machines

WMF has been one of the world’s leading coffee machine brands ever since they launched their first series of large coffee machines in 1927. They were also the designers of the world’s first electronically controlled high-volume coffee machine.

Today, they continue to lead the way and are still producing innovative coffee machines that have been designed for maximum performance, ease of use and, of course, great coffee.

Our range of WMF coffee machines includes:

  • The WMF 1500S+ – up to 180 cups an hour with a revolutionary Dynamic Milk system
  • The WMF 5000s+ – tailored barista-style coffee creations to individual tastes in no time at all
  • The WMF 9000s+ –  high-performance automated barista machine, making a variety of coffee specialities to a professional standard
  • The WMF 1100s – compact model with a state-of-the-art user interface
  • The WMF 1200S – everything from espresso and café crème to cappuccino, café latte, latte macchiato and even milk choc and chociatto at the push of a button

Nu Vending is proud to be able to bring WMF commercial coffee machines to businesses in London and the Home Counties, so why not get in touch now to find out how you can get one for your business or organisation?

WMF Professional Coffee Machines in London

Whether you’re a business seeking to offer the best coffees available from a machine to your staff, visitors or customers, or you’re running a commercial coffee outlet, you’ll find the ideal solution among our range of WMF professional coffee machines.

As a leading provider of all kinds of vending solutions to businesses, organisations and facilities in and around London, Nu Vending has the experience and knowledge to identify the perfect machine for your needs.

We understand that the provision of quality refreshments for all staff is an essential part of ensuring a happy and productive business. That’s why we only offer the very best in modern professional coffee machines to our customers – and we think that WMF coffee machines are hard to beat in every respect.

WMF Coffee Machines: Highlight Features

As one of the most innovative brands in the business, WMF’s latest generation of coffee machines incorporates fantastic features that have been designed to enhance the experience for both the drinker and operator. These include:

  • AutoClean –  completely eliminating the need for manual cleaning of both the coffee and milk systems
  • Dynamic Milk – fully automatic production of four different consistencies of hot milk foam and three variations of cold milk foam, as well as hot and cold milk
  • Fresh Filtered Coffee – produces both coffee specialities and freshly filtered coffee using a single machine
  • Cup Sensor – recognises the cup placed on the drip tray, and moves the automatic spout to precisely the right distance above it
  • Chilled Coffee – offers a tempting variety of chilled coffee specialities, with the added advantage of energy efficiency

If you’d like to find out more about the range of WMF coffee machines available now from NuVending, get in touch with our friendly team today. With fast delivery and a comprehensive after-sales and maintenance program available, we’re the leading supplier of WMF coffee machines to customers in and around London.