Contactless Coffee Machines

The coronavirus has changed the way we think about a lot of things to which we previously gave barely a minute’s consideration. In the world of vending machines, there are two key areas in which it has had a significant impact: hygiene and payment.

Firstly, we are all a lot more aware of the potential for the transmission of germs and viruses through machines operated by touch that could be used by a large number of people – not all of whom may have washed or sanitised their hands properly first. In busy offices and canteens, where several members of staff may be waiting to take their turn at the same time, it can be impractical to instigate rigorous sanitary procedures without making the process unbearably slow for everyone concerned.

Secondly, fewer of us are carrying cash around, as it has also been linked with the potential for transmission of the virus. As a result, contactless payment via debit cards, credit cards and smartphones has become an increasingly popular option, even for smaller purchases.

Contactless Operation

Now, potentially unhygienic vending machines can be a thing of the past, with new touchless coffee machines from Nu Vending that don’t rely on pressing buttons or touchscreens for users to make their choice. There are two ways of achieving touch-free ordering:

  • Distance selection – instead of having to press buttons or a screen, users can select their order two centimetres away from the surface of the machine’s ordering screen. That can provide real peace of mind for those concerned about hygiene.
  • App – Alternatively, there is also the option of placing an order via a dedicated app that can be used on a smartphone or even an Apple Watch. The app can also let you alter drinks settings to suit your individual taste. 

Contactless Payment

With cash – especially coins – becoming ever more rarely used, not having the right change shouldn’t have to be a reason to go without a hot drink or a snack. Now, Nu Vending is delighted to be able to bring the convenience of contactless payment to our range of modern vending machines.

Not only does contactless payment make purchasing more convenient for the buyer, but it also allows you as a business to keep a closer eye on how your vending machines are performing, improve your supply chain management or even offer loyalty schemes.

Contact us

If you would like to find out more about how contactless coffee machines can change how your staff and visitors order their drinks and snacks at your workplace or to enquire about normal coffee machines, contact our friendly team today. We can talk you through your options to help you arrive at the perfect solution for your business – and then have it quickly delivered and installed so you can start to enjoy using it sooner than you might expect. You can also take advantage of our maintenance service for complete peace of mind.