Milk & Dairy

Nu Vending delivers fresh milk and other dairy products straight to your office. We provide regular recurring deliveries over a set number of days to suit our customers’ needs. We even take the milk directly to the fridge so our customers’ staff don’t have to. You can choose to have your milk delivered in plastic cartons or glass bottles. 

Nu Vending also offers a wide range of specialty milks, yoghurts, eggs, cheeses and fruit juices to cover the needs of all staff members. 


Benefits of our Milk & Dairy Services

  • Fresh produce delivered to your workplace daily
  • Milk put directly into fridges
  • Choose between plastic cartons or glass bottles
  • Amend your order up to 24 hours before delivery
  • No need to send someone out to the shops with petty cash
  • We will simply add it to your monthly bill so no extra invoice


Nu Vending has an extensive range of catering services on offer through our Nu Office Supplies, and Nu InStore services from coffee machines to healthy vending and of course our Milk & Dairy Delivery services, contact us today to find out more.