Vending Solutions Bracknell

Bracknell is a large town in Berkshire at the western tip of the Greater London Urban Area. It was declared a New Town in the middle of the last century with plans for a population of around 25,000, but today there are well in excess of 80,000 people within its boundaries.

For businesses and organisations around Bracknell wishing to provide food and drink to their staff and visitors from a vending machine, Nu Vending is now able to bring the best in vending solutions to the area.

Incorporating the very latest technology in the vending business, our vending machines offer greater convenience, faster and safer operation for users, and fresher and more nutritious drinks and snacks than in the traditional coin-fed machines.

At Nu Vending, we maintain large stocks of our most popular vending machines, coffee machines and water dispensers at our local warehouse. That means that when you place your order, you can count on rapid delivery and installation so that you can quickly take advantage of all the benefits and tasty treats on offer.

And with scheduled maintenance and regular restocking also features of the Nu Vending service, it’s no wonder we’re the go-to vending machine company for businesses in Bracknell.

Our vending services in Bracknell include:

Vending Machines

If you’re going to install a vending machine at your premises, you want it to reflect the varied tastes and diets present in the average workforce these days. That means more than the traditional packets of crisps, bars of chocolate and cans of sugary drinks.

Our modern vending machines use state-of-the-art, smart chilling technology to stock healthier and more varied food and drinks options such as freshly-made sandwiches, cereal bars, yoghurts and fruit.

Meanwhile, our vending machines also allow faster and more hygienic use by incorporating remote or touchscreen operation together with contactless payment. That means your staff can spend less time queuing for their turn and hunting for the right change and more time making the most of their break periods.

Coffee Machines

If your memories of workplace coffee machines revolve around bland and insipid excuses for coffee, you’ll be amazed by what you can get from Nu Vending. We supply the best coffee machines from the biggest names in the business, making canteen coffee something to be looked forward to rather than something to be tolerated. Whether your tastes turn to cappuccino, mocha, latte or americano, you’re sure to find something to delight, with all made from high-quality coffee beans.

And don’t worry that your business is too big or too small for one of our machines, because we have everything from large machines built for multiple users to tabletop options that don’t take up valuable space or compromise on taste.

Water Dispensers

Modern workplace water dispensers make staying hydrated throughout the working day easier and cheaper than ever. Offering sparkling and instant boiling water in addition to chilled and freshly filtered water, they’re a cost and time-effective alternative to buying in large bottles of water, boiling kettles for teas and coffees and filling your vending machine with plastic water bottles.

If you’re in the Bracknell area and want to find out more about the exciting range of vending machines, coffee machines and water dispensers available now from Nu Vending, contact our friendly team today.