Office Water Coolers

For the finest commercial water coolers for your business or organisation in London and the South East, Nu Vending can supply the latest models using the best in modern design to produce high-quality water that has been filtered and chilled for the perfect water cooler moment for your office premises.

Whether you’re after a cooler for just a few staff or something to meet the needs of a company or institution with large numbers of workers, customers and visitors, we’ve got something that will do the job.

Our office water coolers are plumbed straight into your mains water supply, so that you don’t have to worry about running out or stopping what you’re doing to replace an empty bottle ever again. 

And while our office water coolers’ main goal is to provide chilled drinking water, some of our range come equipped with tempting extras, such as the ability to provide sparkling or boiling water as well. And don’t worry about the energy bills, because you’ll also find smart systems that have been designed to ensure they operate with maximum efficiency.

Office & Commercial Water Coolers in London

The modern workplace needs a reliable water cooler so that staff can enjoy all the benefits of staying hydrated throughout the working day. Our range of office water coolers incorporates all the latest features the industry has to offer, so you know you’re getting the best there is.

We have water coolers ideal for any size office or workplace, so that whatever space you have available, you won’t have to worry about it being too small. We keep water coolers in stock from the biggest names in the business, including Borg & Overström, so that we are always able to provide the ideal solutions for you when you need them.

If you’re running a business or organisation in London and the South East and want to discover more about our range of commercial water coolers and how they can help your staff and business, contact Nu Vending now.

Why Choose Nu Vending’s Office Water Coolers?

Here at Nu Vending, we don’t just supply the very best in modern water coolers. We also offer fast installation, ongoing maintenance and superb after sales service. That means that you can be confident that your staff and visitors will always have access to the chilled, fresh water they want.

You can also be sure that as newer and better machines become available, or technological developments in the industry lead to water coolers with new and exciting features, we’ll be able to supply the latest models so that you can always have the best water coolers available.  

To find out more about water coolers available to businesses in and around London and the South East, as well as our other water dispensers, from Nu Vending, get in touch with our friendly team today.