Healthy Vending Machines

Nu Vending believes that life is a balancing act! At Nu we love our coffee and chocolate, however, we do know that we need to ensure a healthy lifestyle is achieved. This is why we have created a healthy vending machine range as an option to be included in your solution.

Many of our machines now have video screens which don’t just look great but can display calorific and nutritional information of each product to educate the users.

We supply coffee machines with fresh milk and also powder milk. The powder milk Nu recommends is either semi-skimmed or skimmed milk, which has no hydrogenated vegetable fat and no colouring or preservatives included. Best of all, it tastes great!

In terms of healthy snacks and cold drinks, the machines below can all easily be configured to provide our range of healthier products.

What are the benefits of healthy snack vending machines? 

Vending machines are usually associated with fatty and sugary snacks, But our healthy vending machines can dispel that assumption. 

Our range of healthy vending machines bring a variety of benefits, including: 

  • A variety of healthy snacks
  • Keep people hydrated throughout the day
  • Provide a focal point for people to socialise 
  • Ensure people will be consuming healthy food 
  • Keep employees or customers onsite 

Where to put a healthy vending machine?

Healthy vending machines are ideal for a wide range of environments including:

In terms of schools, it’s important to keep children refreshed and engaged if they’re to flourish in class. This is something that a healthy vending machine can help with especially when it comes to keeping kids hydrated. Studies have shown that children who drink more water perform better academically, so installing a healthy vending machine in a school should be a no brainer. 

The same goes for office environments where employees may need a healthy boost in the afternoon. After lunchtime, it’s no secret that staff members can begin to flag, resulting in lower levels of motivation and productivity. A healthy vending machine is a great way to counter this, as grabbing a piece of fruit or bottle of water can give people a break away from their desk- as well as helping to keep them focused as the day draws to a close.   

It’s no surprise that vending machines are commonplace in gyms. While in the past people may have opted for a chocolate bar post-workout, people are more conscious about consuming healthy snacks after the gym so would benefit from a healthy vending machine. 

With a healthy vending machine gym-goers will be able to choose from snacks including fruit, energy bars, nuts and smoothies.      

Contact us today for more information about our brilliant healthy vending machines in London, the Home Counties and beyond.