Melodia Snack Machine

Perfect for tasty snacks!…
  • Slim line so fits into the smallest spaces
  • User friendly controls
  • Strong environmental credentials
  • Coin and contactless card payment systems
  • Optional branding

Short & long term leases available!

We have variable length lease terms available to suit every business.

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Perfect for tasty snacks!…

Able to provide a large variety of products, including snacks, cans and bottles, there’s going to be something to please everyone. With capacity to stock up to 36 selections, you’ll be able to personalise the machine as much as is required.

The Melodia has a neat and understated design, employing LED lighting on both the user interface and inside the display case. It also has plenty of space to create your own branding.

The selection interface is incredibly easy to use and offers a simple and quick user experience.

To guarantee that your snacks, crisps and drinks are served at the perfect temperature, the Melodia has technology that enables three different temperatures to be set in the machine.

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