Vending Machines

The convenience of vending machines is a great asset to any environment, be that an office, a leisure centre, retail premises or even a factory. Being able to grab a snack or a drink as and when you feel like it can help keep energy levels high, which in turn helps morale and productivity.

Nu Vending are proud to provide a wide range of vending machines for customers across London, spanning a variety of industries and environments. We supply vending machines that dispense food, confectionery, cold drinks or healthy snacks, ensuring that any need can be met. The machines we supply offer a range of features, including internal temperature regulation to maintain the freshness of the products, and contactless payment acceptance for those who don’t carry change.

Vending machines provide a host of benefits to staff, visitors and customers alike, giving you plenty of reasons to install them on your premises. 


Firstly, whether your vending machine stocks chocolate, sandwiches or fruit, they provide important nutrition and energy boosts when they’re needed the most. Whether it’s a tough day at work or a hard session at the gym, being able to grab a chocolate bar or sandwich helps to increase energy levels as well as morale.

Extra Income

A well-stocked vending machine will be popular with staff and customers alike, and this means you can look forward to some extra income generated by people buying their favourite chocolate bar, snack or drink. With Nu Vending’s support packages, you can rely on our expert technicians to keep your vending machines fully stocked at all times. Whether you’d like an ever-changing supply of snacks and confectionery or you’d prefer the same stock all year round, we can ensure your machines are filled with quality. 

Maximising Breaks

If someone has to spend 15 minutes of their lunch break walking to a shop and back, the benefits of a lunch break are significantly reduced. The presence of vending machines, particularly ones that dispense things like sandwiches and salads, means that staff don’t have to venture to the nearest shop to get their lunch. This means that they can spend more of their breaks relaxing, which is very important for engagement, mental health, morale and productivity. 

Vending Machines in London

Nu Vending are proud to stock a huge variety of market-leading vending machines from leading manufacturers. From the Tango Cold Drink Machine to the Festival Food Machine, we can cater for every taste and every need. Whether you want to provide sugary snacks for energy boosts at the gym, or you would like to ensure your staff have access to a full range of filling lunch options, we’ve got exactly what you need.

For more information about our office vending machines in the London area, simply contact us today and we’ll be more than happy to help.