Vending Machines

The convenience of vending machines is a great asset to any environment, be that an office, a leisure centre, retail premises or even a factory. Being able to grab a snack or a drink as and when you feel like it can help keep energy levels high, which in turn helps morale and productivity.

Nu Vending are proud to provide a wide range of vending machines for customers across London, spanning a variety of industries and environments. We supply vending machines that dispense food, confectionery, cold drinks or healthy snacks, ensuring that any need can be met. The machines we supply offer a range of features, including internal temperature regulation to maintain the freshness of the products, and contactless payment acceptance for those who don’t carry change.

Our range of vending machines includes:

Vending machines provide a host of benefits to staff, visitors and customers alike, giving you plenty of reasons to install them on your premises. 

Contactless Vending Machines

Here at Nu Vending, we always strive to bring our customers the latest in modern vending technology, and that includes a great range of contactless vending machines. 

If you’ve only previously owned or managed old-style coin-operated machines, you’ll find that the new generation of contactless vending machines brings a whole host of useful benefits to owner and user alike. Not least, making use of contactless payment means that you can significantly increase your sales, as you will no longer be dependent on users having the cash and coins that have traditionally been needed.

Benefits of Contactless Vending

Although contactless payment was already well established before COVID, it was the pandemic that really made it the primary means of paying for goods that it is for most of us today. Far fewer of us now carry hard cash at all, let alone the coins usually needed for traditional vending machines.

But a contactless payment vending machine isn’t just about no longer having to worry about having the exact change. It also makes the whole process much faster for the user – that makes it particularly useful in busy workplaces where break time may be limited and lots of people want to take advantage of the snacks and drinks on offer.

The other major benefit for users is that contactless vending machines offer a far more hygienic solution for users. This may be a consideration originally sparked by the pandemic, but it’s one we should all continue to bear in mind as we move forward.

Last but not least, contactless vending machines are also faster and more hygienic for those who need to manage them, because you don’t need to have to load and empty them of all those coins.

Contactless Vending Machines to Buy, Rent or Lease!

If you’re ready to upgrade to a modern vending machine with contactless payment, Nu Vending is here to make it as easy as we can for you with a range of flexible finance options available.

So whether you want to buy, rent or lease your vending machine, we can work with you to ensure you’re getting the deal that best suits your situation and your budget. 

Vending Machines in London

Nu Vending are proud to stock a huge variety of market-leading vending machines from leading manufacturers. From the Tango Cold Drink Machine to the Festival Food Machine, we can cater for every taste and every need. Whether you want to provide sugary snacks for energy boosts at the gym, or you would like to ensure your staff have access to a full range of filling lunch options, we’ve got exactly what you need.

For more information about our office vending machines in the London area, simply contact us today and we’ll be more than happy to help.