Vending Solutions Dartford

Perhaps best known for the toll crossing over the Thames estuary that bears its name, Dartford is a Kent town situated about 18 miles south east of central London. It is a popular commuter town with easy access to the city of London via rail services and the A2. Just across the river is the huge Lakeside Shopping Centre in Thurrock.

Nu Vending supplies the very latest in modern vending solutions to businesses and organisations across the Dartford area, providing cutting-edge technology that ensures fast and safe use of vending machines, coffee machines and water dispensers.

When you order from Nu Vending, you’re not just getting access to top-quality vending machines and drinks dispensers, you’re also taking advantage of the highest standards of customer care. Fast delivery and installation of your new machine is guaranteed, while we can also offer regular maintenance services to ensure your machine is always working at its best.

Meanwhile, you can take the worry out of keeping it stocked, because we can handle that as well. This means that all you have to do is concentrate on running your business while your staff and visitors thank you for providing better snacks and drinks.

Vending machines

Whatever you and your staff want from a vending machine, we can meet those needs. Whether you’re after traditional choices like crisps and chocolate, or you want healthier alternatives kept fresh all day by smart refrigeration technology, there’s something for you in the range of vending machines at Nu Vending.

Suitable for use in factories, leisure centres, staff canteens, schools and colleges, our vending machines use the latest features to ensure that their use is fast, easy and hygienic. That includes intelligent solutions such as remote and touchscreen operation combined with contactless payment. 

Coffee machines

At Nu Vending, we’re proud to bring the very latest coffee machines to businesses and organisations in and around Dartford. Offering a wide range of exciting varieties of coffee made using the finest beans, they provide users with a far tastier coffee than has traditionally been expected from a machine.

From espresso to cappuccino and from latte to americano, our machines offer everything you’d expect to be able to buy at your favourite local coffee shop. And you don’t have to be a large corporation to enjoy the benefits of our new generation of coffee machines, because we have options suitable for any size of business.

Water dispensers

Modern water dispensers are also offering users more choice than ever before. Now, as well as freshly chilled and filtered water, you can also get options such as sparkling water and instant boiling water. And as with our coffee machines, there are options suitable for whatever space you have, any budget and any number of users.

To find out more about the modern vending machines, coffee machines and water dispensers available in Dartford from Nu Vending, give our friendly team a call today.