Vending Solutions Epsom

Probably best known as the home of the racecourse that has hosted the Derby since 1780, Epsom is a town of some 31,500 people situated about 13.5 miles south of central London. Its modern train station is served by trains running to both Waterloo and Victoria stations in London.

Nu Vending is a leading and established supplier of an extensive selection of vending solutions that feature the most cutting-edge technology the industry has to offer. We’ve been working with businesses, facilities and organisations in the Epsom area for years, providing vending machines, coffee machines and water dispensers that incorporate features like remote and touchscreen operation and payment, as well as containing a greater selection of healthier and tastier drinks and snacks.

Choosing a Nu Vending machine also means that you can rely on getting it delivered and installed quickly. That’s because our most popular models are all kept in stock at our local warehouse. Not only that, we can also offer convenient after sales services that include regular maintenance and restocking

Vending machines

For the ideal combination of speed, variety, convenience and hygiene, our modern vending machines can’t be beaten. Smart refrigeration allows the provision of more snacks and treats than used to be possible, allowing healthy alternatives like fruit, yoghurt and sandwiches to stay fresh all day, while not forgetting the more traditional favourites like crisps and chocolate. Other features available include remote or touchscreen operation and contactless payment, all of which combine to make our machines both faster and more hygienic to use.

Coffee machines

Nu Vending coffee machines are bringing the very best coffees to staff canteens, leisure centres, entertainment facilities and other businesses and organisations across the Epsom area. 

Providing high-quality coffee in all the styles you’d normally expect to have to go to a specialist cafe for, our machines can brew up perennial favourites like cappuccino, espresso, americano and latte, not to mention luxury hot chocolate. Whatever the size of your business or facility, we’ll have a coffee machine that will be the perfect match, from large machines that will keep a sizeable workforce supplied throughout the working day, to smaller machines that can be kept on a tabletop in the corner of your office.

Water dispensers

Our modern water dispensers can provide users with everything from chilled and filtered water to sparkling water, or even boiling water straight from the tap. That not only makes them far more convenient than the old dispensers, but also offers users more choice and means that hot drinks can be made far quicker without the need to wait for kettles to be repeatedly boiled. We’ll have the perfect water dispenser for your business in our range – order today and you can be enjoying the benefits in a matter of days.

If you’re looking for vending solutions for your business in the Epsom area, why not take a look at the range vending machines, coffee machines and water dispensers now available from Nu Vending? Our friendly team is ready and able to help you in any way they can.

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