Vending Solutions Stevenage

Nu Vending is proud to be a leading supplier of a wide selection of food and drink vending solutions for businesses and organisations in and around Stevenage. We provide companies in the area with a great selection of healthy, nutritious and tasty food and drink options for their staff, visitors and customers.

You can choose from the latest and best in top-quality tea and coffee machines that will dispense far better beverages than you may be used to from the average drinks dispenser, the latest in intelligent vending machines with remote or touchscreen operation and contactless payment, together with a fantastic choice of water dispensers.

Our local warehouse means that we can ensure rapid delivery and installation of your choice of vending machine, coffee machine or water dispenser at your Stevenage premises, with regular and affordable maintenance and restocking services also available for you to take advantage of.

Vending Machines

Our new generation of vending machines in Stevenage and surrounding areas can provide you with everything from the traditional bars of chocolate, packets of crisps and cold drinks to sandwiches, fresh fruit and even hot food.

With fewer people carrying cash now, our vending machines allow the convenience of contactless payment with a credit card, debit card or smartphone, removing the need to find change, while users can also enjoy faster and more hygienic use thanks to touchscreen and remote operation solutions.

Coffee Machines

The days of uninspiring and underwhelming coffees from clunky dispensers are long gone. Nu Vending brings you the latest coffee machines from the top manufacturers in the business , meaning that you, your staff, your visitors and your customers can enjoy almost as wide a choice of tasty blends from your coffee machine as they would get at their favourite local coffee shop.

Whatever your size of business in Stevenage and no matter how much space you have available, we can provide the perfect solution, from a large, freestanding machine to a simple but effective table-top alternative.