Vending Solutions Leatherhead

Leatherhead is a Surrey town situated about 17 miles south of central London. It was first mentioned as a settlement in 880 AD in the will of Alfred the Great, when it was referred to as Leodridan. Today it is a popular commuter town with regular trains running to London’s Victoria and Waterloo stations.

The many businesses operating in and around Leatherhead are now able to enjoy access to a range of top-quality vending solutions thanks to the team at Nu Vending. We can supply some of the finest vending machines available today, as well as an exciting range of coffee machines and water dispensers. Our vending solutions feature cutting-edge technology sure to change your expectations of what a vending machine can do.

With all our machines stocked in large numbers at our local warehouse, we can ensure that when you order from us, your new machine will be rapidly delivered to your Leatherhead premises so you can start enjoying its many benefits sooner. We also offer regular maintenance and restocking services, meaning that with Nu Vending you never have to worry about anything other than which great snack or drink to enjoy.

Vending Machines

Enjoy everything from fresh and healthy snacks, sandwiches and fruit to confectionery, crisps, energy bars and cold drinks with a Nu Vending machine. Ideal for your staff canteen, leisure centre, school, college or factory, our machines have a range of modern features that make them fast, safe and convenient to use.

From intelligent refrigeration to contactless payment and touchscreen operation, our vending machines provide modern solutions for modern working environments. Your staff will appreciate spending less of their break time queuing for snacks and rooting around for change, while you can appreciate the income boost a better and more popular vending machine will bring.


Coffee Machines

In recent years, we’ve all become used to enjoying a wider choice of different coffees at specialist coffee shops and cafes. Now you can get the same wide choice from your company coffee machine. At Nu Vending, we’re delighted to supply companies, businesses and organisations in Leatherhead with top-quality coffee machines from some of today’s leading manufacturers, offering delicious blends with something guaranteed for every taste.

With a machine suitable for any size of business, you’re sure to find a machine in our range to meet your requirements. Don’t settle for second best when it comes to the coffee you offer your staff and visitors – give them the best with a Nu Vending coffee machine.


Water Dispensers

At Nu Vending, even the humble water tap can bring you more than you expect. Our state-of-the-art water dispensers don’t just dispense chilled water, you can also get sparkling or even boiling water – sometimes all from one single tap! That not only means that you’re making staying hydrated more enjoyable for your staff and visitors, but you could also be saving money by getting rid of multiple water bottles or boiling kettles.

Find out about the full range of vending machines, coffee machines and water dispensers available in the Leatherhead area by contact us today.