Vending Solutions Dunstable

For the best choice in vending machines in the Dunstable area, you can’t do better than talk to the experts at Nu Vending. We’re bringing the very latest in vending technology to organisations and businesses across the area, with state-of-the-art solutions such as touchscreen operation, remote ordering and contactless payment together with healthier snacks and tastier hot drinks.

Our new smart fridges use a mobile app to manage ordering and payment, while also staying at constant chilled temperatures, making possible a wider selection of fresh snacks for your staff and visitors.

With large stocks of most of our machines kept in our warehouse at all times, you can always count on fast delivery and expert installation. Meanwhile, ongoing maintenance and regular restocking are also options to make managing your vending machine simple and straightforward.


Vending Machines

These days, if you need a snack or drink to keep you going, you can have a much wider range of options than used to be the case. Nu Vending machines don’t just limit you to the traditional narrow and unhealthy range of chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks.

Our modern, electronically-managed chilled cabinets mean fresh food can be kept for longer, making healthier and tastier food such as fruit, yoghurt and sandwiches available to your staff all day.

Modern technology also means that using our vending machines can be fast and safe, allowing your staff to waste less of their breaks queueing while also ameliorating concerns over virus transmission through ordering via an app on a mobile, or through contactless operation and payment. 


Coffee Machines

Don’t settle for bland and boring brews – now you can choose from the finest beans and leaves to create tasty teas, comforting cappuccinos and energising espressos.

Our coffee machines can give your staff and visitors access to one of the widest selections of some of the nicest coffees and teas you’ll get from any vending machine. Better coffee machines don’t just mean better coffee – they can also mean happier staff!  


Water Dispensers

Staying properly hydrated through the working day helps us work more effectively, as well as being a positive thing for our general health and wellbeing. Water dispensers from Nu Vending have been created for the way we live our lives today, making everything from chilled, filtered water to sparkling and boiling water available at the press of a button, and often all from the same tap.

That means that when you install a modern water dispenser, you’re giving your staff and visitors more choice without using more of your valuable floor space.


As a leading vending machine company in the district, Nu Vending vending machines, coffee machines and water dispensers are now available for fast delivery and rapid installation in the Dunstable area. 

Contact us now for more information and to place your order.