Vending Solutions St Albans

For the best and widest selection of food vending machines and drinks dispensers in and around St Albans, you can’t do better than Nu Vending. We supply and install the latest machines that are changing the face of food and drink vending and dispensing, bringing solutions like touchscreen technology and contactless payment to offices, shops, leisure centres and other workplaces across the area.

The days when all you could get from your workplace vending machine was tasteless tea and unhealthy snacks are long gone – modern machines can offer café-quality beverages and fresh, nutritious food to suit all diets and tastes. 

Nu Vending can always provide rapid delivery and installation of your chosen machine, because we keep some of the biggest names in the business in stock, so you never need to go without. And with fast and efficient maintenance and re-stocking services also available should you need them, we’ve got all your vending machine needs covered. 

Vending Machines

From traditional snacks like crisps and chocolate to fresh sandwiches, fruit and yoghurt and even hot meals, modern food vending offers you far more than the traditional workplace machine. Providing a wide selection of treats for all tastes and diets ensures all your staff are catered for, boosting their energy levels and ensuring they can keep going throughout the working day.

Put your staff in control with state-of-the-art touchscreen selection, convenient contactless payment and efficiently chilled cabinets that can ensure fresh food stays that way.

Our machines have been manufactured by the leading companies in the business to ensure that you can find a modern vending solution that is ideal for your workplace. And we can not only have them delivered to and installed in your workplace, but we keep them fully stocked as well.

Coffee Machines

You no longer have to be embarrassed about the quality of the tea and coffee available to your staff or customers. Our machines can brew up almost as wide a selection of hot drinks as your favourite local café. That means everything from a traditional cuppa to green or fruit teas, from a warming cappuccino to a tasty latte, or even a steaming mug of hot chocolate. There will always be something for everyone, no matter what their brew of choice!

We can supply and install everything from table-top machines for the smaller office or workplace to a large floor-standing dispenser that can cater for the busier working environment. And our machines couldn’t be easier to use, with the latest touchscreen operation and contactless payment technologies built into your workplace drinks dispenser.

Water Dispensers

At Nu Vending, we can provide the very latest choice in workplace water dispensers that can not only make sure your staff and visitors stay hydrated at work, but also: 

  • filter and purify tap water
  • reduce your carbon footprint
  • dispense chilled, sparkling or boiling water from the same tap
  • provide your visitors with fresh bottled water

Our range of modern water dispensers includes solutions for workplaces of all sizes, so we’re sure to have one that’s perfect for you.

For more information about the leading vending machine company in the St Albans district, contact our friendly team today. They’ll be happy to advise on the best food and drink dispensing solution for your business.