Water Taps

The days of needing to order in large plastic bottles to provide chilled water for your staff are long gone, because our modern office water taps are plumbed straight into your water supply. Not only is that kinder to the planet by eliminating the need for all that plastic, but it also means that you don’t have to worry about running out of water, finding the space to store replacements or having to stop what you’re doing to put in a new bottle when one gets emptied.

But that’s not all that makes Nu Vending water taps different to the standard office water tap – and if you’re in the London area, staying hydrated at work could be about to get a whole lot more interesting.

Hot, Cold and Sparkling Water Taps

With traditional commercial water taps, all you usually get is fresh water that has been chilled and filtered. Ours offer so much more! With all providing chilled, sparkling and boiling water, they’ve been designed to keep the queues down, save space, save time and even save money through smart energy-saving features.

Water taps that provide instant boiling water prevent the need for energy-hungry kettles and ensure users get their drinks quicker so they can spend less time waiting for a kettle to boil and more time relaxing or getting on with their jobs.

Our exciting commercial water taps range of chilled, boiling and sparkling water taps includes the following fantastic options:

  • The Aqua Illi Tap – still, sparkling and boiling water from three taps, but only one base, at a rate of 300 cups an hour of boiling water or 720 cups an hour of ice-cold water
  • The Billi Quadra Tap – ideal for small spaces, complete with a unique energy-saving system that uses waste energy to preheat the boiling water
  • The Aqua Alto Tap – modular hot and cold water taps with touch technology that allow you to add and change your set-up as and when you need to
  • The Vivreau Vi-Tap – cold, sparkling & boiling water all from one tap, the ultimate space saver!

Commercial Water Taps in London

If your London business, leisure facility or organisation is looking to improve the provision of fresh and boiling water for your staff, visitors and customers, you can’t do better than talk to the team at Nu Vending. Our exciting and modern selection of commercial water taps and water dispensers means you’re certain to find the ideal solution for your business, budget and available space.

Get in touch with us now to find out more or to place an order.