Water Dispensers

Staying hydrated is crucial, and thanks to Nu Vending’s wide array of water dispensers and water taps for offices, factories, leisure environments and commercial premises alike, those in your building can have access to clean, refreshing water at any time. We also offer a range of boiling and chilled water taps for the utmost convenience, as well as water bottling systems – no more awkward manoeuvring of bottles, and no more annoying splashbacks. 

Boiling Taps

Boiling water dispensers, in particular, ensure that your staff can enjoy hot drinks without having to wait for the kettle to boil – this not only helps your staff stay hydrated and nourished, but it also means they can be back at their workstations quickly. At Nu Vending we have a range of boiling taps, from the Aqua Libra Taps with its boiling, chilled and sparkling settings to the Billi Taps with its energy-efficient operation and innovative design – we can cater for the exact needs of your business.

Bottling stations

Providing guests with bottled water on their visits is a welcome gesture, but regularly purchasing large quantities of bottled water can become expensive. Additionally, replacing these bottles on a monthly basis, for example, isn’t the most sustainable way of keeping your guests hydrated. 

With the Vivreau Water Dispensers from Nu Vending, you can keep your guests hydrated, eliminate the cost of buying new bottled water and help improve your sustainability by lowering your carbon footprint in the process. The system features a still and sparkling water tap, and it comes with reusable water bottles in four different capacities – 300ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1L – so you can cater for the requirements of each and every guest.

Water dispensers in London and the Home Counties

We offer a range of floor-standing and tabletop water dispensers to ensure there’s access to refreshing H2O at all times. We’re proud suppliers of Borg & Overstrom’s sleek, efficient and effective water dispensers, with various designs available to suit your practical and aesthetic needs. There’s still and sparkling water functionality, too, so every preference is catered for.

As well as the installation of your new water dispenser or taps, you can rely on Nu Vending to provide prompt, effective and professional maintenance services to ensure your system is always working as it should be. Whether you need one-off maintenance or you’d like to arrange a schedule to keep everything ticking over, just let us know what works for you and we’ll be happy to assist.

Whatever refreshment requirements you have, Nu Vending can cater to them. We’re a leading provider of office water taps and water coolers in London, and our experienced team are able to install, maintain and service your equipment to ensure it’s running smoothly at all times. For more information about our water dispensers and water taps, contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.