Vending Solutions Luton

High-quality, state-of-the-art vending machines and drinks dispensers are now easily available to all businesses and organisations in the Luton area. Nu Vending can supply solutions that use the very latest technology to bring fast, simple and safe food vending to your canteen.

Choose from a wide range of cutting-edge vending machines that offer user-friendly options like touchscreen operation, contactless payment or even ordering via a mobile phone app. That ensures that your staff can get their food and drinks faster, allowing them more time to enjoy their breaks by spending less time queuing.

We keep all of our most popular machines in stock at our large warehouse, so that we can deliver and install your machine within just a few days of you placing your order. You can also take advantage of our extensive aftersales, by opting for regular servicing, maintenance and restocking of your machine.


Vending Machines

Our new vending machines mean your staff can now take advantage of fresher and healthier snacks from a vending machine than would have been previously available using traditional canteen offerings. Using modern chilled cabinets with automated cooling and temperature control, fresh food stays fresher for longer, opening up new possibilities for what can be offered.

That means our machines can be used to provide fresh fruit, cereal bars and yoghurt, or you can even opt to have hot meals readily available. All dietary preferences and personal tastes can be catered for, so there’s no need for anyone to miss out.

With contactless or touchscreen operation, contactless payment, or even managing the whole process via an app on your mobile phone, our machines not only offer nicer food than you may be used to from a vending machine, they also do it faster and safer.


Coffee Machines

Don’t settle for offering your staff and visitors bland and boring teas and coffees, when you can get a wide variety of high-quality hot drinks from one of our coffee machines. If you’re used to being able to choose only whether you have milk and sugar in your teas and coffees, you’ll be surprised by the range available.

Now you can have as much to choose from as at your favourite cafe, including espressos, lattes, americanos and cappuccinos, and there’s no compromise when it comes to taste, either. And tea drinkers and lovers of hot chocolate are also well catered for, all with the same exciting level of choice combined with unexpectedly delicious flavours.


Water Dispensers

Just as old-fashioned vending machines can now be a thing of the past, traditional water coolers can also be consigned to history. Our water dispensers allow your staff to select chilled, sparkling or boiling water, all from one dispenser – sometimes all from one tap! 

Whatever the needs of your staff, the facilities you want to be able to offer to your visitors and customers, or how much space you have on your premises, you’re sure to find the ideal water dispenser for your business from our range.

With all this and more now available in the Luton area, why not get in contact with Nu Vending today to find out more?