Food Vending Machines

When it comes to vending machines, the term ‘healthy’ is unlikely to be the first thing that springs to mind. 

But here at Nu Vending, we believe that healthy food vending machines can bring so much more than just a healthy lifestyle. As well as offering people tasty treats, our range of healthy vending machines provide confectionery that adds nutritional value and doesn’t pile on the calories.  

Whatever environment or industry you’re in, healthy vending machines offer fantastic versatility and can be found in gyms, leisure centres, schools and more. At Nu Vending we provide a whole host of flexible options, giving you full control of what your vending machine includes and offering machines that are compatible with a variety of food and beverages.      

How can healthy food vending machines benefit you?

The most obvious benefit of food vending machines is that they can assist with keeping your workforce, customers or students healthy with the inclusion of nutritious yet tasty snacks. 

Whether you want to include fresh fruit or include snacks with a longer shelf life, then food vending machines are a fantastic choice. The team at Nu Vending are able to provide you with vending machines that are compatible with a variety of food and beverages- giving you full control.   

If you’ve made the decision to install a food vending machine in your business or office space, then it can have wide-reaching benefits beyond just the nutritional value. Installing a vending machine means that your staff members are likely to be more productive in their work.  

This is for two reasons. Firstly, it is natural for employees to become more tired as the day wears on, meaning a pick me up may be necessary to keep them on track. A food vending machine can help here by providing people with a healthy snack or drink to help them get over the afternoon lulls. 

As well as this, having a food vending machine onsite means that your staff are less likely to go further afield for their lunch. Keeping staff in the office can only be a good thing from a business sense and, while you need to let them do what they want during their breaks, employees who stay on the premises will probably spend less time on lunch, and may even eat at their desks- making them more productive. 

What Nu Vending’s Food Vending Machines Provide

Not only do the machines we offer at Nu Vending offer healthy alternatives to classic confectionery, but they’re also easy to maintain, incredibly flexible and of the highest quality.

From sandwiches to pasta, to smoothies and bottled water, our vending machines can feature a wide range of products. 

Over the years our team has delivered fantastic vending machines to customers across London, helping to meet all of their needs. Some of the features our offerings include: variable temperature controls, hygiene controls, 24/7 catering facilities, flexible configuration and an advanced level of product management.  

For more information on Nu Vending, and how our services can help you, contact our team today.