Vending Solutions Hatfield

If you have a shop, business or workplace in the Hatfield area, take a fresh look at your food and drinks provision with the new wave of vending machines at Nu Vending. We have a wide selection of food and drink vending solutions that are dispensing with the old ways of doing it and instead bringing state-of-the-art technology to this workplace staple in the form of touchscreen ordering and contactless payment.

From the latest generation of chilled and hot food vending machines with options to delight all tastes and diets, to top-quality tea and coffee dispensers offering better brews than you’d have a right to expect from a machine, we’ve got it all. Even our water dispensers do more than just dispense plain water!

With rapid delivery and installation as standard and ongoing restocking and maintenance a tempting extra, Nu Vending has got all your vending needs sorted.

Vending Machines

Our state-of-the-art vending machines don’t just provide the traditional workplace offerings of canned drinks, bars of chocolate and bags of crisps. Now you can get hot meals or fruit, sandwiches and even yoghurt kept deliciously fresh all day in our chilled cabinets. In fact, no one needs to go short, no matter what their individual tastes or dietary preferences are.

Modern touchscreen operation makes ordering totally straightforward and, with fewer people carrying cash around these days, our vending machines can also take contactless payment with a debit card, credit card or smartphone. 

Coffee Machines

If you’re fed up with the tasteless and tepid offerings from old hot drinks dispensers, you may well be surprised what the new generation of coffee machines can do. With everything from lovely lattes and comforting cappuccinos to tempting teas and hearty hot chocolates, they’ll have your customers and staff thinking they’re in their favourite local café.

Our coffee machines also come in a range of sizes, from floor-standing machines ideal for a large and busy canteen to table-top options ideal for the smaller office or shop. 

Water Dispensers

Water cooler moments take on a whole new meaning with Nu Vending’s ultramodern take on the office water dispenser. Our exciting range features clever dispensers that can provide fresh, chilled water, sparkling water or even boiling water – sometimes all out of the same tap! We also supply water bottling dispensers that are the ideal way of providing water to visitors.

If you’d like to develop your facility management plan to include any of our range of vending and dispensing products, get in touch with our friendly team and we can have it delivered and installed in your business quickly, efficiently and with a minimum of fuss.

For a reliable and friendly vending machine company in the Hatfield area, contact the team at Nu Vending and we’ll help you find the perfect solution for your business.