Vending Machine Stocking

Your staff are more productive when they’re happy – that means providing the best refreshment options possible. Through our vending machine stocking, we keep your machines full of everything they love – including high quality coffee beans. Nu Vending provides a complete vending stocking service for all kinds of vending machines.

With big brand names available – including Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Cadbury’s, Douwe Egberts, Lavazza, McCoys and more – we will tailor the items in your machines to suit the taste of your staff. We’ll regularly check usage levels and plan restocking around this to ensure you’re never out of your favourite treats.

  • Requests logged on our dedicated system
  • Snacks, cans and bottles changed within a week
  • Coffee beans replenished at least every three days to keep them fresh
  • Popular items from a range of leading brands

So whether you’re looking to stock healthier snacks, or you’d like to try a different coffee bean, contact us today or speak to your vending service representative or account manager and we’ll help you make your workplace work for everyone.