The WMF 1500S+ has a smart remote control feature where coffee lovers can use their smart phones to order their drinks. Users simply scan the QR code on the machine, put a cup in the dispense area and their drink of choice will be made without having to touch any part of the machine!

WMF 1500S+

Enhance your coffee experience…with the new WMF 1500S+…
  • Create four different consistencies for hot and cold milk foam
  • Automatic barista machine
  • Serves up to 180 cups per hour
  • Striking 10-inch display screen which can be used for staff messaging or upcoming events

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This machine has a wide variety of drinks available, click the button below to see the full list!

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Enhance your coffee experience…with the new WMF 1500S+…

With a 10-inch touch display, the new WMF 1500 S+ speciality machine offers all information at a glance – including nutritional information, promotional offers and usage videos.

Geared towards medium-sized workplaces in a wide range of areas, numerous templates ensure that this fully automatic machine fulfils the needs of all users visually, functionally and linguistically. The internal values also impress across the board.

The revolutionary Dynamic Coffee Assist permanently guarantees the highest quality of all espresso-based coffee specialities offered by the WMF 1500 S+. The automatically height-adjustable spout and a new Choc Mixer permit maximum ease of use and convenience.

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