Franke 850 FoamMaster™

An explosion of taste!…
  • Fantastic large HD touchscreen
  • Wide range of coffee, chocolate and milkshakes
  • Amazing milk foam from the FoamMaster™ milk technology

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An explosion of taste!…

The Franke 850 FoamMaster™ totally redefines professional coffee making.

Thanks to an impressive large touchscreen, operating this machine becomes an experience in itself! Customisable user interfaces, adaptable menus and the simple placement of staff messages revolutionise interacting with the machine! Inside the unit, powerful components ensure everyone gets the perfect coffee crema, delicious milk foam and a virtually endless variety of flavours!

Breath-taking variety

Providing endless possibilities with hot and cold milk, foam and flavours, the 850 FoamMaster™ is your key to almost infinite beverage options! These include milkshakes and coffee specialties – from a perfect latte macchiato through to a classic espresso or a refreshing strawberry milkshake – and much, much more.

Thanks to the unique milk system, chocolate dispensing system and flavour-station, which holds up to three different syrups, it masters every possible beverage!

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