Vending Machines for Colleges

It’s generally accepted that students of all ages perform better in their classes, seminars and exams when they are well nourished and properly hydrated. Installing high-quality college vending machines can give students easy access to nutritious drinks and snacks at affordable prices.

Vending machines in educational establishments have traditionally been stocked with unhealthy options such as crisps, chocolate and fizzy drinks. As we learn more about nutrition and its effect on the brain and the way we perform complex tasks, we have a responsibility to do all we can to restore the balance.

At the same time, developments in the technology associated with vending machines means that more healthy alternatives such as fresh fruit, yoghurt and even hot meals can be made readily available and kept fresh for longer.

Add to that advances in touchscreen operation and contactless payment, which makes them faster and more convenient to use for students, especially as we move to a world where fewer of us carry cash around with us.

There have also been significant advances in hot drinks dispensers, so that users now have a far wider selection to choose from than before. That can include a range of coffee styles, including lattes, espressos, cappuccinos and mochas, plus far tastier teas and hot chocolates than what used to be on offer. That’s a bonus for your college staff as well as your students and, like the food vending machines, makes them certain to generate extra income for your college.

When you use vending machines for colleges from Nu Vending, you get all this and more. Rapid delivery and installation of your machine comes as standard thanks to the high stocks of the most popular machines that we keep in our warehouse. Meanwhile, you can also take advantage of our reliable and cost-effective maintenance and restocking services.

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