Billi Taps

Supplying fresh water – in all its forms – has never been done so conveniently, so efficiently or with so much style as with Billi taps. Taking the provision of water dispensers in the workplace to the next level, Billi taps offer award-winning and market-leading solutions that are synonymous with quality and sustainability.  

Offering the perfect combination of space-saving design, energy-efficient operation and innovative features, Billi boiling taps are also easy to install and are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure years of reliable and trouble-free operation. 

Even better, thanks to the super-efficient heat exchange systems, Billi taps don’t need grilles or ventilation spaces, making them even easier to fit into your existing space.

Nu Vending is proud to be able to bring Billi solutions to customers in and around London and the Home Counties. With rapid delivery and installation always available, not to mention our reliable maintenance services, it’s no wonder we’re one of the capital’s leading suppliers of the best in vending machines, coffee machines and water dispensers.

Instant Boiling, Chilled & Sparkling Water

When you install Billi taps, you’re getting much more than you would from the average workplace water dispenser. With chilled, boiling and sparkling water all instantly available from a single tap, they can save you: 

  • Space – by providing all these water solutions from one tap, you’re eliminating the need for kettles and water bottles, so you’re not only giving your staff fast and easy access to the water they want and need to keep them going through the working day, but you’re using less of your valuable space to do it.
  • Energy – Billi boiling taps incorporate groundbreaking heat exchange technology to make them far more energy-efficient than the average workplace water dispenser. It works by using the heat generated in the chilling process – which would otherwise be lost to the atmosphere – to preheat the boiling water.
  • Time – forget about reloading heavy water bottles into a dispenser; forget about making your staff buy their water in plastic bottles from a vending machine; and forget about having people spend half the morning waiting for the kettle to boil so they can have a cup of tea. Billi taps provide everything you need when you need it.

Billi Taps installed across London & the Home Counties

For businesses operating in and around London and the Home Counties, Nu Vending is a leading supplier and installer of all kinds of workplace water dispensers. If you want to take advantage of the numerous benefits that you can enjoy from Billi taps, we’re the ones to talk to for the fastest, friendliest and most cost-effective service around.

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