Vending Machines for Universities

When you think of university vending machines – or indeed any educational establishment – the first thing that tends to come to mind is a selection of unhealthy drinks and snacks, such as fizzy and sugary pop, chocolate and crisps.

But, as we become increasingly aware of how much better students perform in their seminars and exams when they are well hydrated and enjoy a nutritious diet, we need to be more conscious about the snacks available to them throughout the day.

Making healthy and sensibly priced snacks and drinks available to university students through well-placed vending machines can not only help your students perform better but also provide a welcome income boost to your university.

Modern vending machines from Nu Vending are able to offer fresh food and drinks that can be kept chilled to ensure they stay that way, making things like fruit, yoghurt, smoothies and even hot food available. 

For those whose tastes lean more to quality hot drinks, we can also supply dispensers that provide an excellent range of coffee styles that will almost match those available at many cafés, together with tasty teas and deliciously hearty hot chocolate.

Meanwhile, our vending machines for universities also utilise the latest technology to make ordering and paying simple and easy so that users can quickly make their purchases before getting on with their day. Touchscreen ordering and contactless payment are just two of the ways that we’re making the modern vending machine ideal for the way today’s students live their lives.

University Vending Machines with Nu Vending

When you install a Nu Vending machine in your university, you’re also getting access to reliable and rapid services that include ongoing maintenance and restocking to ensure you never run out of your students’ favourite snacks and drinks.

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