Vending Machines for Schools

Snacks for schoolchildren doesn’t have to mean sweets, fizzy drinks and other goodies high in sugar, salt and other unhealthy additives. Our school vending machines contain nutritious snacks that will keep your students well nourished throughout the school day to help them perform at their best in their lessons and exams.

And just because they’re healthy, it doesn’t mean that they won’t prove popular with your students. Well priced and well thought out offerings, such as cereal bars, fresh fruit, fruit juice and smoothies, can be just as tempting, especially when presented at sensible prices in a clean and modern chiller.

But, like Christmas, a school vending machine isn’t just for the children – your staff can also take advantage of what Nu Vending has to offer, including high-quality coffee machines that offer the kind of variety you’d normally expect at your local coffee shop. 

And, of course, vending machines have another useful benefit for the school in that they can also provide a welcome income boost. 

In the interest of safety and security for your site, we can bolt our machines to the floor or wall and provide added protection to mechanisms. This means you get robust school vending, guaranteed to provide refreshment at all times.

With Nu Vending, you don’t just get fast delivery and installation of school vending machines, we can also provide ongoing maintenance and restocking to ensure that your machines are always ready for the demands of your students. 

To find out more about vending machines for schools from Nu Vending, contact our team today.