Aqua Libra Taps

Aqua Libra taps are among the smartest, fastest and most stylish workplace water taps available to businesses and organisations in the UK today.

Here at Nu Vending, we are proud to be able to supply, install and maintain Aqua Libra taps for customers across London and the Home Counties. They use the very latest technology to provide instant boiling, chilled or sparkling water in high capacities – and with zero limescale even in hard water areas – to ensure your staff’s water needs can be met quickly and efficiently all day, every day.

Our range of Aqua Libra taps includes:

  • Aqua Alto tap – comprising one base and up to three sleek, stylish and attractive taps (boiling, chilled, sparkling) that can be used simultaneously. The ultra-high capacity model can produce up to 90 litres of boiling water every hour.
  • Aqua illi tap – providing unbeatable performance, innovative design, cutting-edge technology and perfect water flow. Features touch or touchless operation together with high or ultra-high capacity dispensing.  

Aqua Libra Co with Nu Vending

As a leading local supplier of Aqua Libra taps in London and the Home Counties, Nu Vending is proud to be able to bring you these stylish, state-of-the-art workplace water taps that will transform the way you view hot and cold water provision at your business.

Aqua Libra taps are flexible, compact and smart enough to provide an eco-friendly solution that eliminates the need for multiple taps, slow and costly kettles and single-use plastic. Manufactured by the market-leading Aqua Libra Co, your staff will be glad of the clean, fresh taste of the water and reduced queuing and waiting times, while you’ll appreciate how energy-efficient and cost-effective these taps are compared to other options. 

Aqua Libra Taps in London and the Home Counties

Nu Vending supports businesses across London, the Home Counties and the surrounding areas with high-quality vending services, including a great selection of modern water taps.

But we don’t just supply quality water taps like the Aqua Libra range, we also offer fast, professional installation and reliable ongoing maintenance services to ensure that your choice of tap continues to work effectively and efficiently for you and your staff.

If you want to find out more about Aqua Libra taps, or you want to get a free, no-obligation quotation, then get in touch with our friendly and helpful team today.