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Nu Instore

Introducing Nu InStore…A new way to provide refreshments for your staff and visitors!

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Pick up and choose your snacks and drinks just like in a regular local shop.

Pay for goods using a variety of options, including Apple Pay!

Simplify snacking and dining for your employees with superior in-house facilities.

Massive choice of products! Stock your micro market with breakfasts, microwave meals, fruit selections, salads, cereals, soups, dairy products, a great coffee machine and so much more!

Nu InStore is unmanned and always open for business so your staff can help themselves!

Our restocking system evolves to learn your favourite products.

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No change on you? No problem.

Pay for all goods at the self-service till using a variety of options, including on account using fingerprint and Apple Pay.

Credit cards accepted

Happy employees

Getting the most from your staff means ensuring they have everything they need – this should include access to a variety of meals, snacks, drinks and great coffee & tea. Through Nu InStore, you can show you care about the well-being of your employees and win the war on talent.

From a greater variety of snacks and drinks options, to fresh fruit, dairy and low-calorie meals, by catering to your staff’s needs you can expect to see increased productivity and positivity in your workplace.

Tailored to you

If you find the idea of vending machines too rigid, the flexible Nu InStore micro markets are ideal. Giving you the flexibility to choose how large or small you make the micro market, as well as how many shelves, fridges and kiosks you set up, we will tailor the space to suit your environment using our unique 3D design tool.

With a whole host of brands and products to choose from, you can provide improved food and drink options to suit the preferences of your staff.


People love their smartphones, so make life easy for your staff and keep up with innovative technology with mobile payment. By allowing mobile payments and personalising the micro market to your staff, they’ll enjoy their working environment more.

No need to turn your pockets inside out or run out in the rain to the shops, just pop into your onsite Nu InStore and keep your phone handy!

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