Nu Vending are London’s foremost providers of vending machines for businesses of all kinds, from offices and hospitals to leisure centres and hotels. Our vending machines ensure that staff, customers and visitors alike have access to nutrition and energy when they need it, whether that’s through a chocolate bar, a tea or coffee, or a sandwich. 


Vending Machines

We have a wide range of vending machines available to ensure that we can cater to the varying needs of different people and different sectors. We can ensure your gym has a vending machine stocked with nutritious, energising snacks, from energy bars to isotonic sports beverages. For hospitals, we can install hot drinks machines and healthy snack machines to ensure patients, staff and visitors alike have access to important nutrition whenever they need it. 


Vending Machine Maintenance and Repairs

Once your machine is installed, you can rely on Nu Vending to keep it fully stocked and fully operational. Our trained, experienced technicians will visit on a scheduled basis, tailored to your requirements. Depending on the type of machine you have, we can adjust the type of stock to best suit the needs of your people; if you find that your staff prefer fruit and healthy snacks to confectionery, for example, we can ensure your machine is stocked as such. 

Should your machine encounter a fault, our technicians are able to repair the problem and ensure that your machine is in full working order. We hold ourselves to extremely high standards, and as such we take great pride in providing swift, efficient and effective repair services, no matter the type of machine you have.


Vending Machine Cleaning

For coffee machines in particular, unclean components can result in a spoiled or less enjoyable product, so it’s crucial that regular cleaning takes place. We can provide coffee machine cleaning services to ensure that every beverage dispensed is of the highest standard, as well as making sure that your machine is not hampered by blockages.

Whether it’s a one-off clean or part of a scheduled maintenance package, your machine will receive a comprehensive, effective clean. No matter the condition, our technicians will restore it to pristine status, ready to dispense delicious beverages just as they were meant to be!


Water Dispensers and Taps

At Nu Vending, we’re proud suppliers of modern water dispensing solutions, from vending machines to water taps. The instant taps make waiting around for the kettle to boil a thing of the past, while the chilled taps ensure that refreshing cold water can be accessed with the touch of a button. Whether your workplace would better benefit from a standalone water dispenser or a new water tap system, you can trust Nu Vending to provide it.

For more information about our wide range of vending machines, drinks dispensers and our servicing and maintenance packages, simply contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.