Tango Cold Drinks Machine

Total Flexibility!…
  • Great for medium and large locations
  • Extremely versatile for a wide range
  • Huge range of products

Short & long term leases available!

We have variable length lease terms available to suit every business.

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Total Flexibility!…

The Tango is a cold drink vending machine that is as flexible as you need it to be. Able to offer a huge range of refreshing drinks – from cans to bottles – it can provide your customers with a great experience, and a high quality product.

With a large window for optimum product visibility, the Tango ensures the selection process is simple from start to finish. Customers can instantly see exactly what they want, and user friendly features enhance the vending process. The Tango’s ergonomic delivery bin and interactive keypad buttons ensure that customers get what they want, when they want it.

This vending machine delivers great value for money, enhancing any environment. It also has the capacity to serve both medium and large locations. The Tango’s flexibility ensures that if you want additional products in the machine – such as snacks and confectionery – they can sit happily alongside canned and bottled drinks.

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