Education, University & School Vending

In the educational sector getting the refreshment solution correct is vital to the happiness and wellbeing of many. We are experienced in ensuring that the best equipment and products are selected for the right setting.

School Vending has been a topical subject due to the Government’s healthy eating standards. We do not put into schools drinks that have added sugar, crisps, chocolate or sweets. Instead we provide a healthier alternative range of products that children love! That being said, it does not stop staff needing a great cup of coffee in their break! We supply a great range of coffee machines that are perfect in a staffroom environment…bringing the coffee shop to them!

We have found that many universities need a vending facility to support the onsite canteen. We know that students do not always work 9-5 and need feeding 24/7! Having a vending solution providing fresh coffee, drinks and snacks can be essential in student experience.

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