Take a look below at our recap of the coffee industry in 2017 and our coffee predictions for 2018. With improvements in technology, water quality and creativity constantly emerging, we can only see our beloved hot drink going from strength to strength in the coming year.

coffee predictions for 2018 infgraphic

A recap of coffee in 2017

The price of coffee as a commodity has long fluctuated and 2017 was no exception, with rainfall in Brazil impacting prices, as well as the harvest levels of Honduras and Uganda playing their part. Here is a recap of the price of coffee as a commodity from last year with data taken from NASDAQ:

  • January – 161 – 167 approx.
  • February – 156 – 167 approx.
  • March – 152 – 155 approx.
  • April – 149 – 153 approx.
  • May – 148 – 139 approx.
  • June – 134 – 142 approx.
  • July – 124 – 136 approx.
  • August – 135 – 150 approx.
  • September – 131 – 145 approx.
  • October – 128 – 136 approx.
  • November – 127 – 131 approx.
  • December – 118 – 133 approx.

Our coffee predictions for 2018

As you can see, the price has stumbled a few times with a recent dip linked to global production levels. It’s thought that speculators were expecting more falls as the year ended, but, as ever, much depends on the rainfall levels in Brazil, with drier periods likely to cause rises in price.

The price could also rise if countries which produce the arabica beans the world seems to love so much are hit by export problems – road and port issues for example. But what does 2018 have in store for the average coffee drinker?

1) Cold brew coffee

Already making an impact in 2017, the demand for cold brew coffee is only set to grow. A cold brew is made in a similar way to a hot one, but you need to leave cold water and coffee ground to brew over night in the fridge, only then will you reap the rewards of a new intense flavour. There are even companies adding nitrogen to cold brew in order to create a Guinness-like smoothness to the drink.

2) Sustained growth

It was thought that growth in the coffee market would reach a saturation point, but thanks to new recipes and greater diversity in the choice of independent coffee establishments, the “third wave” coffee growth is set to continue. Countries in the Middle East are helping to support this growth, along with emerging markets in Eastern Europe.

3) Better technology

From the Chemex taking filtered coffee to the next level, to improvements in the machinery which makes coffee – more precise grinding, better temperature control, etc. – technology is continuing to advance in the coffee industry. This might not be noticeable due to the glacial pace of change, but it will certainly help keep coffee a firm favourite for many.

4) Water works

Crucial in the brewing of the perfect coffee is water. We tend to take this ingredient for granted, both in terms of availability and quality, but 2018 can hopefully be the year to change that. Again, the changes here might be slow, but those in search of the best coffee will no doubt turn to different ways of obtaining and filtering water.

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Data taken from NASDAQ. Numbers accurate as of January 10th 2018.