Hunger can affect us in a number of ways, both physically and mentally. Whether you have a desk job or you work on a construction site, everyone has felt hunger pangs at work in one way or another, and in this article, Nu Vending are going to look into how hunger affects our bodies.



What causes hunger at work?

The obvious answer to this is ‘because we haven’t eaten in a while’, but there are some triggers that often exacerbate feelings of hunger when we’re at work. Let’s take a look at them.



It is extremely common to eat simply because we’re bored. If everybody only ate when they were hungry and needed fuel, then these questions about hunger wouldn’t need answering! If we’re at a desk for hours on end, it’s likely we’re going to get bored at some point, and that’s when we eat, simply for something to do. 


Visible food

Maybe you’ve got your packed lunch on your desk in the morning ready for the break, or you can see the communal snacks in the breakout area – whatever it is, if we can see food around us when we’re working, we’re going to become distracted by thoughts of eating. 

This also happens when we can see colleagues eating – it’s not quite envy, but it certainly makes us wish we were having a snack or meal.


We’re actually thirsty

A lot of the time, we mistake thirst for hunger. It is estimated that 70% of adults are dehydrated on a daily basis, and it can take a while to register that we’re thirsty, by which time we’ve eaten a sandwich or a few biscuits to satisfy our ‘hunger’. 


It can cloud your judgement

Studies have shown that hunger activates extra nerve cells that control perception. When we’re hungry at work, our decision making can be affected as we’re distracted by the feelings of hunger we’re experiencing. This extra stress on our minds can cause us to make less-than-perfect calls and decisions, which can of course have negative consequences – whether it’s missing important information from an email or uploading the wrong content to a site.


Our moods can change

We’ve all heard of being ‘hangry’ – hungry and angry – and while it’s a whimsical term, it’s a real thing. As we get hungrier, our concentration wanes and our energy levels drop, which can lead to a shortness of temper and irritability. This is generally unpleasant for both the person who’s suffering from a worsened mood, and the people who might be on the receiving end of any shortness in the workplace.


It can affect our concentration

Our brains convert the food we eat into glucose, which helps us concentrate and stay alert. If we don’t eat, our brains can’t use glucose to keep us ticking. If we’re just a little bit peckish, we can usually ignore it and carry on. However, when we’re really hungry – perhaps the lunch break came later than usual or there was no breakfast in the morning – it can become very distracting, taking our focus away from work.


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