Keeping a balanced and nutritious diet is difficult in this day and age, whether that’s because you’re out and about all the time, or you spend most of your time confined to your offices. But ensuring you get the right nutrients and vitamins from your food is essential – our bodies have basic requirements and there are an array of healthy vending machine snacks you can get through the healthy vending machines provided by Nu Vending.


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Take a look at the list of what experts call the best healthy vending machine snacks for energising your mind and your body no matter where you are.

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Breakdown of Healthy Vending Machine Snacks

For more information on our selection of healthy vending machine snacks and drinks, please take a look at the sections below which consider each snack individually.

Low Calorie Popcorn

A recent trend of late is for healthy versions of the popular cinema snack. Usually you’d get a whole bucket full of popcorn, but in handy snack bags, formulated to be low calorie in content, this makes for the perfect snack to curb any hunger you might have in the day. The key to popcorn is eating it in moderation.


With so many unhealthy choices around, nuts are a very easy way to keep your eating habits under control. Nuts contain a lot of healthy fats and protein, so while large quantities aren’t great for you, they make for a filling snack at any time of the day. Try to avoid salted nuts if you can, as this will keep down your daily intake of salt.


People have started to take notice of seeds more these days as a snack. There are plenty of varieties to try, sunflower seeds are even said to give you an extra boost of vitamin E. As with nuts, you should try to go for unflavoured, unsalted seed mixes as you’ll get all the benefits without the sugar or salt.

Granola Bars

Containing fibre and protein – which your body needs – in a handy bar form, granola bars have long been a popular snack when trying to stick to a healthy diet. Don’t be fooled by sugary bars though – ensure your bar doesn’t have more than eight grams of sugar inside. These bars will keep you energised, but the fewer ingredients it contains the better.


You can find pretzels in most places now, with the coated, sugary version of this snack taking off suddenly. However, there are still healthy versions of this snack to be had. While not the healthiest item ever, a small bag of plain pretzels will keep you satisfied and controls the portion.


Our bodies are made up of large quantities of water, so it’s only natural that you can sometimes work up a real thirst. By drinking pure water not only do you quench your thirst better than with any other drink, but you also avoid sugars and chemicals which are present in other beverages.

Healthy Option Crisps

In addition to the rise in healthier popcorn snacks, the traditional crisp has undergone a massive transformation. The market has shifted over the years to cater for those who want a healthier snack in crisp form. Using vegetables, different cooking techniques and better ingredients, there are plenty of healthier options when it comes to crisps now.

Dried Fruit

Sometimes eating fruit can be a little messier than you’d like, with juices, skins and the fact you have to wash most items. Dried fruit presents a great alternative to this, allowing you to graze on fruit and get all of the fibre and antioxidants without the hassle of prepping.

Non-carbonated Juice

If you aren’t a big fan of regular water then you can still drink healthily if you avoid carbonated juices. A non-carbonated juice will have fewer additives and chemicals, giving you at least some of the vitamins – some juices and smoothies will contain pulp which should hold the good stuff you need.

Protein Drinks

Protein drinks have a bad reputation as they’re usually mistaken for containing chemicals and steroids. This is actually a big mistake, because while you wouldn’t drink a protein drink regularly, they are great for recovery after a workout. Giving energy back to your muscles, you’ll feel a lot better for having had a protein drink.

Protein Bars

As with the granola bars, the trick here is to avoid those protein bars which are more sugar than anything else. With natural ingredients and bursting with fibre, you can’t do much better for a gym snack to help keep your energy levels up.

Flavoured Water

While it’s obviously better to drink water on its own, a little flavouring won’t do you any harm. There are plenty of healthy flavoured waters on the market to keep you hydrated and refreshed without all the nasty additives and sugars present in most soft drinks and juices.

To help you offer a wider variety of healthy snacks in your premises, Nu Vending are on hand. With balanced snacking for every taste, we provide a tailored vending solution with flexible finance plans to suit your requirements.