Vending machines can be found in all kinds of places, from offices to leisure centres, train stations and street corners. First introduced in 1880 to dispense postcards, they remain a bastion of convenience today, having withstood wave after wave of technological innovation and transformation. So, why should you get a vending machine for your business? Read on to find out. 


Benefits to staff


Everyone needs fuel to be at their best, and a vending machine in your business premises can help keep your staff’s energy levels up. In turn, this helps to keep productivity high, which can only be a good thing for your business. 



Being hungry can be distracting and annoying, especially at work. Vending machines stocked with snacks, drinks and even meals can help alleviate this issue, which can also help to improve people’s moods. Readily-available snacks, drinks and food also shows employees that you care about their wellbeing, which needs to be made clear at all times. 



The simple act of getting up from your desk to walk to the vending machine can be a welcome respite from work. Even if it takes less than a minute in all, these little intervals can help break up the monotony of the working day. Where things like coffee machines are concerned, it’s also an opportunity to socialise with other caffeine fans as they wait for their lovely hot drink. 


Diet accommodation

If staff members are on a particular diet (they might be cutting out carbs, or trying to eat more salads, for example) then a vending machine can help support them in their new culinary habits. A vending machine stocked with healthy snacks, fruits and salads can make life a lot easier for people who are trying to be more regimented with their diet. When we’re at work, it can be easy to snack on chocolate or treat ourselves to a burger for lunch, so a healthy vending machine can help control these impulses. 

It doesn’t have to be one or the other; a chocolate bar machine at one end of the office and a healthy snack machine at the other could be perfect, and your staff will really appreciate your efforts to accommodate their needs.


Benefits to the business

Low costs

You don’t need to hire people to run your vending machine for you, the experts at Nu Vending will ensure your machine is fully-stocked, ready to cater for your staff and guests. The vending machine can run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round, so there’s never any downtime. 



It takes maybe a maximum of five minutes for someone to get up from their desk, wander over to a vending machine or a coffee machine and get their snack or beverage and sit back down. Without vending machines, your staff might need to nip to the shop, which can take considerably longer. Even if you have a kettle in your work kitchen, the process of making a cup of tea or coffee is longer than that of a hot drinks machine. This time away from desks can mount up over a day, week or month.

The answer to this isn’t to impose strict rules on staff; firstly, nourishment is important for mental and physical wellbeing, and secondly, there’s a social aspect to getting a drink or snack that must be respected. Instead, a vending machine or coffee machine allows staff to enjoy the short break, but with less time away from their stations. 


Vending machines provide plenty of benefits to both staff and businesses, and with such a variety of machines available from experts like Nu Vending, you can select the setup that suits you and your employees best. For more information about Nu Vending’s Nu InStore service or the wide array of vending machines and the market-leading drinks machines we provide to customers around the country, get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help.