If you’ve ever worked in an office then you’ll know how furious the debate can get around food. The nation’s favourite biscuit is a popular topic and the debate around what constitutes a biscuit will rage on until the end of time, but what is the UK’s favourite office snack?

This got us wondering, what is it people like to munch the most? What adds a little light into those dark autumnal mornings? So we endeavoure d to find out the answer.


The Survey

It’s hard to pick just a handful of snack types, but for this survey, we had to select five sure-fire choices for people to vote for. With this in mind, we headed over to our Nu Vending social account and posed this question to office-based folk from across the nation:

Which is your office snack hero?

The Results

After posting out our snazzy image, encouraging people to vote for their favourite snack to have while at the office by reacting with the corresponding emoji symbol, we saw some interesting results!

If you thought that fruit would come dead last, you’re wrong…it came second to last with 13 votes. Cereal bars were the least popular office snack with just six votes, crumbling against the might of the competition.

Chocolate and biscuits had a tightly run battle for second place, but biscuits took the silver medal with 33 votes and chocolate gets bronze for 26 votes. Our theory is that you’ve got to have a biscuit with your tea or coffee, so this makes a lot of sense.

The Winner

The clear winner, storming ahead into the lead from the outset and never looking back was crisps with 157 votes. Whether you’re a fan of ready salted or a fiend for prawn cocktail, it seems the UK’s office workers love a bit of crunch to get them through the day.

Do you agree with the results? Is there a different snack you’d have voted for instead? We’re sure the debate will rage on, so join us on social media and tell us what your favourite office snack is!

At Nu Vending, we provide a fantastic range of snacking options for any office – whether you’re striving to be healthier or simply indulging in your personal favourite treat, we carry all the big brands to meet your demands.