As this article is being written, people all over the world are indulging in their favourite snacks. We snack for different reasons; sometimes we need to keep up our energy levels, sometimes a snack is a crucial part of a specific meal structure, and sometimes we simply want to treat ourselves. In this article, Nu Vending are going to bring you a roundup of some of the most well-liked nibbles on the planet. 

Vending machine manufacturer Selecta collected data from over 16 million sales across the UK in 2019 to rank the most popular snacks.



Chocolate bars

It is probably fair to say that chocolate bars are synonymous with vending machines. Everyone remembers the excitement as a child (or maybe even as an adult) of putting some change into the machine, pressing some buttons and watching your favourite piece of confectionery tumble down into the tray. The top five most popular chocolate bars were as follows:

  1. Cadbury’s Twirl – a classic chocolate bar that has long stood the test of time. Plus, you get two in a packet!
  2. Kinder Bueno – another double-finger bar, the Bueno’s unique hazelnut cream filling is popular with millions. 
  3. Kit Kat – not the chunky one, not the small two-fingered one, but the original and the best. Eat one finger at a time, though; don’t just take a massive bite out of the whole thing.
  4. Twix – what does Twix mean? Does it mean twin sticks? Whatever it means, people love it.
  5. Snickers – caramel, nougat, chocolate and nuts. With so much packed into one bar, it’s easy to see why it makes the top five. 



The sheer variety of crisps on the market now means that there’s something for everyone. Whether you take one crisp at a time or grab a handful from the bag, the many forms of fried and baked potato snack are consumed in the millions every year. 

  1. Walkers MAX Chargrilled – big, ridged, flavoursome crisps in attention-grabbing packaging, they take the top spot. 
  2. Walkers Cheese & Onion – a classic, perhaps even a national treasure? Despite being a veteran of the industry, the humble cheese & onion crisp remains extremely popular.
  3. Walkers Mini Cheddars – perfect for lunch breaks at work and lunch boxes at school, Mini Cheddars have a universal appeal.
  4. Walkers Ready Salted – some might call these boring, but they’d be wrong. They’re delicious, and they’re the 4th most popular crisp in the country.
  5. Doritos Extreme Chilli Heatwave – not subtle in the slightest, but the triangular treats are bought in huge quantities on a daily basis.

As we can see, the nation still loves a sweet or savoury treat. While healthy snacks haven’t troubled the top 10, there is certainly evidence of a growing interest in more nutritious items; Cadbury’s Boost protein bar hit 22nd spot, whilst Metcalf’s Sweet n’ Salt Popcorn entered the top 100 in 81st position. Eat Natural’s almond and yoghurt bar also achieved a very impressive 34th place. 


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