La Cimbali S30

What you need for a perfect day…
  • Suitable for 300 cups per day
  • Customisable 10.4-inch display screen with toughened glass
  • Large, high-quality coffee shop-style drinks menu
  • Both cold and hot frothed milk available

Short & long term leases available!

We have variable length lease terms available to suit every business.

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What you need for a perfect day…

The new, super-automatic La Cimbali S30 offers an unparalleled coffee experience thanks to its distinctive features, which encourage innovative interaction with the machine. With beverages to suit every taste, you are always guaranteed to have the best quality in every cup. 

The first step to perfection is the quality in the cup of an excellent coffee. The La Cimbali S30 grinders – steel with PVD – are very robust and have been built to last. Another innovation is the PGS (Perfect Grinding System), which continuously monitors the coffee delivery parameters and automatically re-grinds and doses if necessary to ensure consistency in delivery and optimal extraction quality.

La Cimbali S30 can prepare both hot or cold frothed milk (Snowmilk), thus expanding the menu with recipes made with coffee, hot chocolate, cold and hot frothed milk. With the S30 you can savour hot and cold frothed milk like it was prepared by an expert hand – a unique experience!

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