For many businesses, a vending machine is just something that’s dropped into the works canteen to keep the staff happy and maybe bring in a few more pennies. Meanwhile, leisure centres and other similar facilities probably barely give a second thought as to how the vending machines they provide for their customers blend in with the overall decor of the building in question. 

In short, very little consideration is ever given to the appearance of a vending machine, and this could be a mistake, because a branded one could bring a number of advantages you may not have thought about. This month, we’re taking a look at the benefits of a branded vending machine and why it might be worth your while upping the ante when it comes to how yours is looking.

Reasons to invest in a branded vending machine

  • Support your corporate branding

Corporate branding can be supported in a number of ways by having a customised vending machine. If it’s a vending machine you’ve acquired for your staff to use at your place of work, having it housed in your company colours and style can help cement feelings of loyalty and belonging among your staff.

Meanwhile, if you’ve placed a vending machine in a third party location, where you might be in competition with others, you want to do everything you can to stand out – and a branded machine can do just that!

branded coca-cola machine
  • Create a more pleasing environment

Most vending machines come in what are at best neutral colours, which means that while they are unlikely to actually clash with the decor of the room they’re in, neither will they necessarily blend in. Having your vending machine housed in the same colours and style as the rest of the room can help create a more harmonious environment for your staff to relax in during their breaks. 

  • Greater visibility = more sales

Quite simply, by drawing people’s attention to your vending machine, you’re likely to encourage them to use it more. That’s a particular advantage when it’s located in a large area where it might not necessarily otherwise stand out, such as in a shopping centre, leisure centre or other open public spaces. 

But even within the more confined environment of a staff canteen, housing your vending machine in your own corporate branding can boost company loyalty among your staff and therefore encourage greater use and increased sales.

  • Promote a healthier lifestyle

Vending machines are best known for supplying the means for customers to indulge in unhealthy snacks like chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks; however, with modern machines making fresher and healthier options more readily available, you can use the housing to promote a healthier lifestyle message to your staff. 

As one of the last things they’re likely to see before making a decision over what they are going to buy, that could have a significant impact on the general wellbeing of your team!

If you would like to enjoy the benefits of a branded vending machine, we can help with tailored housing to your brief, with bespoke designs able to be created within just 48 hours.

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