Hospitals are busy 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Staff, patients and visitors fill the wards, and while many hospitals have cafeterias on site, it can often be difficult for people to find the time to get a proper meal. For this reason, and many others, a hospital should have multiple vending machines on site, and here at Nu Vending, we’re going to detail the various benefits such an investment will provide. 



Fuelling staff

Hospital staff – be they doctors, nurses, or cleaners – very rarely have the luxury of hour-long lunch breaks. In fact, they can go hours without any sort of break whatsoever, so the ability to grab a snack, a coffee or a bottle of water as they walk down the corridor is absolutely invaluable. For healthcare professionals in particular, who need to be energised and nourished to perform their job to the best of their ability – mistakes can literally be fatal, so supplies need to be readily available. 


Food for visitors

Visitors may often come late at night or around their daily schedule, which means that they might have skipped breakfast, lunch or dinner. The hospital cafe might be closed, and a visitor might be unable or understandably unwilling to venture to the nearest eatery to get a meal. Vending machines, then, allow visitors to get something to eat without leaving the side of the friend or relative for too long.


Presenting healthy options

Healthy snack vending machines are becoming increasingly popular, and for hospitals and healthcare environments in particular, they’re a great way to promote healthy eating. While chocolate bars and fizzy drinks can provide a helpful sugar boost, opting for healthy cereal bars, fruit and other snacks can ensure people are nourished without overdoing it on the sweet treats.


A range of choice

In the past, vending machines were reserved for chocolate bars and sugary drinks, with the odd coffee machine available. Now, though, there are machines for sandwiches, hot food and healthy snacks, as we’ve mentioned above. This variety means a hospital can provide everything people need for a nutritious meal or a snack. 

Vending machines are beneficial for all kinds of environments, but they can be very valuable to people within a hospital. From staff to visitors and even some patients, the availability of quick snacks, hot drinks and more substantial foods is extremely helpful for important boosts of energy, nutrition or even just a brief source of comfort in trying times. 

Nu Vending are proud to supply and install vending machines of all kinds for hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout Milton Keynes, Slough and Watford. Whether you know exactly what machine you want or you’d like expert advice on which type would suit you, we’ll be more than happy to help you with anything you need, simply contact us today.