Investing in a vending machine for your premises is a wise choice, whether you’re doing so for your staff or visitors. Some locations will benefit from a vending machine more than others, and in this article, Nu Vending are going to detail some of the best locations for vending machines. 



Vending Machines in Hospitals

There are many benefits of vending machines in hospitals, as the role of vending machines is arguably more important – they offer nourishment for tired staff and the stressed, worried visitors of patients. A doctor or nurse doing a night shift won’t have the luxury of going to the nearest cafe or supermarket, and they’re unlikely to have a long break – a vending machine can provide a nutritious, energising meal or snack to keep them going.

For the family and friends of patients, visiting a hospital is often a stressful and upsetting experience. Whether it’s first thing in the morning or late at night, the vending machine can not only provide food and drink, but also a brief-yet-important distraction from the emotional weight of visiting a loved one. 


Vending Machines in Leisure centres

Whether it’s workout fuel or a post-exercise reward, a vending machine can dispense whatever the athlete requires. Put a vending machine in the lobby of your leisure centre or in a breakout space, and you’ll be providing a welcome source of food and drink for your customers and staff. 


Vending Machines in Retail stores

The inclusion of vending machines in retail stores is not so much for customers as it is for staff. Put a vending machine in your staff room so that people can grab a snack or drink when they need it – this is particularly helpful for part-time staff who may not get a long lunch break during the day. If it’s a 15 or 30 minute break, they can grab a chocolate bar, a snack or a drink from the machine and put their feet up for a short while, without having to spend their break walking to and from a shop.


Vending Machines in Offices

We’re huge advocates of office vending machines; we’ve talked about their benefits before, which you can read here. As well as the nutritional positives, an office vending machine can also provide a welcome break from our desks – even if it’s a two-minute round trip, it helps to break up the day. What’s more, like the office kitchen, there’s a chance for a chat with a colleague whilst you’re there, which keeps morale high. 

A vending machine will benefit almost any premises, with those benefits equally shared by staff, customers and visitors alike. From providing all-important energy to staff and visitors hospitals to keeping an office team ticking over, a vending machine will slot in just about anywhere. 

Nu Vending are proud suppliers of market-leading vending machines for customers across Milton Keynes, Watford and Slough. If you’d like to know more about our machines – from coffee machines to sandwiches and snack vendors, contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.